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Professional Development
Faculty Academic Work 12/6/17
Faculty Academic Work Time 11/8/17
Kara Loftin Presentation 9/27/17
Sandra Friedman Presentation 9/27/17
Dr. Hoffman presentation during In Service 2017
Faculty Fun with The Wasatch Academy Mission Statement
Wasatch Academy Personnel
Joseph Loftin Presentation 6/1/17
Lucich Wolf Share Out 5/11/17
Brian McCauley Presentation 5/3/17
CDL Video
Matt Duncan Share Out 4/19/17
Dyslexia - Kara Loftin Presentation 4/12/17
Faculty Academic Work 4/5/17 Dr. Brederson Presentation
ELL Presentation with intro by Joe Loftin 2/22/17
Group 3 (Hartley/Engberg) Share Out 2/22/17
Habits of Work Emma Chiappetta Share Out 2/15/17
Whitworth Pernot Quackenbush Share Out 2/15/17
Fowler Shenton Share Out 2/15/17
Roth Cossid Share Out 2/15/17
Angie Christiansen Share Out 2/1/17
Kara Loftin Share Out 2/1/17
Faculty Academic Work 1/18/17
Peer Shout Outs
Faculty Share Outs 9/28/16
Faculty Share Out 10/12/16
2016-2017 Professional Development Plan
Digital Portfolio: Getting Started
Bragsheets and e-portfolio
Math Department Standards Share Out 10/20/16
Kara Loftin ADHD Presentation 10/26/16
Anne McCauley Donation Letter presentation 10/26/16
Faculty Share Out 11/2/16
Joe Loftin Presentation 11/30/16
December 7 Assessment Shareout
Courtney Cook Share Out 1/18/17
Dysgraphia Presentation 12/14/16
J Dianne Presentation 12/7/16
Big Picture Framing 2 (Assessment) Slides 12/07/16
BigPictureFraming1 (Curriculum) Slides from 9Nov2016
Faces of Learning Lesson plan
Learner Sketch Tool
Digital Portfolios at Wasatch Academy Proposal